Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker

Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker
Susan Tyrrell is to this film what Joe Spinell is to MANIAC.”
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It remains the most joltingly violent, psychosexual grindhouse shocker of the ‘80s, directed by a veteran of I Love Lucy and starring a frequently shirtless former teen idol with an epically demented performance by an Oscar® nominee: Jimmy McNichol stars as an orphaned high-school student raised by his strangely overprotective aunt (Susan Tyrrell of FAT CITY fame) who becomes implicated in a grisly murder investigated by a psychotic police detective (an equally unhinged Bo Svenson of INGLORIOUS BASTARDS). 7x Emmy® nominee Julia Duffy (Newhart) and Bill Paxton (in one of his first film roles) co-star in this “jaw-dropping hunk of genre insanity” (Pop Culture Beast) and former DPP 39 Video Nasty – also known as NIGHT WARNING – now scanned in 4K from the original camera negative with 6 hours of new and archival Special Features.

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