Our four-city Alamo Drafthouse tour of the award-winning documentary ENTER THE CLONES OF BRUCE – featuring in-person appearances by the one and only Bruce Le – was a Dragon-sized smash! Bruce was delighted by the response from these appreciative audiences, enjoying every Q&A, showing off a few kung fu moves, taking pics with fans and signing stacks of memorabilia. We also arranged to surprise Bruce with some special guests: in LA, David Yeung – son of the great Bolo Yeung – saw his dad's frequent co-star for the first time since he was a child. In San Francisco, Chiu Chi Ling – his co-star in BRUCE'S FINGERS, ENTER THE GAME OF DEATH and NINJA STRIKES BACK reconnected with his old friend. And on Staten Island at martial arts mecca Alamo Drafthouse & Flying Guillotine Bar – curated by super-fan RZA – Bruce was reunited with Bill Louie (BRUCE VS. BILL) and preserved their fists in cement for the Fists of Legend Hall of Fame.

North American theatrical engagements for ENTER THE CLONES OF BRUCE continue through late April/early May in anticipation of the release of Severin's massive THE GAME OF CLONES: BRUCEPLOITATION COLLECTION VOL. 1 on (DATE OF WIDE RELEASE?). ENTER THE CLONES OF BRUCE will also be available as a standalone disc and debuts on streaming platforms for rent and purchase on April 30th. 

  Bruce Le with Bill Louie Chiu Chi Ling and Bruce Le

David Yeung with Bruce Le and Producer Michael Worth Michael Worth, Bruce Le, and Director David Gregory David Gregory, Bruce Le, Michael Worth and Producer Frank Djeng
Alamo Drafthouse's head honcho Tim League with Bruce Le