Caligula Coin

Caligula Coin
Caligula Coin
Caligula Coin

Caligula Coin

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Inspired by the brand new releases of Caligula: The Untold Story and Caligula & Messalina, Severin Films is proud to offer a one of a kind coin inspired by the infamous Caligula.

Be the envy of the empire with this divine Caligula coin with antique gold finish. This versatile piece can be used to demonstrate your dedication to reckless hedonism, to arbitrarily decide affairs of state, and to execute whatever other depraved activities a syphilis-wracked brain can concoct!

Has no cash value (except for horse cents), but plenty of cachet!

The coin is 40mm in diameter and is made from an eco-friendly nickel-free zinc alloy finished with nickel-free plating and lacquer.

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