Once Upon A Girl

Once Upon A Girl
Like Watching A XXX Version Of
A Hanna-Barbera Saturday Morning Cartoon!”


Once upon a time, a group of frustrated yet dirty-minded Hollywood animators led by writer/director Don Jurwich – famed artist and producer for “The Flintstones”,”Josie & The Pussycats” and “Scooby Doo” – forever scandalized the cartoon community with this immoral mix of live-action and extremely adult animation…

When a lewd old lady claiming to be Mother Goose (an outrageous cross-dressing performance by Hal Smith, best known as ‘Otis The Drunk’ from “The Andy Griffith Show”) is put on trial for obscenity, she introduces a series of filthy fairy tales filled with nymphomania, bestiality and an eye-popping cavalcade of cartoon perversion. Where did Jack really stick his magic beanstalk? How did Cinderella find fun while waiting for her Prince to come? Who truly tried to eat Little Red Riding Hood? And what kind of sick freak is the 8th dwarf, Pimpy? Severin Films is shamelessly proud to present this infamous milestone of sleazy ‘70s animation in which everybody lives happily and horny ever after!