The Triumphant Return of FRANKY AND HIS PALS!


If you were lucky enough to snag one of the sold-out hand-numbered editions of FRANKY AND HIS PALS back in 2020, you already know it’s “a wonderful, seemingly lost treasure” (SOV Horror) directed by veteran grindhouse/adult film producer Gerald Cormier (BARN OF THE NAKED DEAD) and seldom seen beyond small-town video shop shelves. Now Severin/Intervision is proud to announce the DVD re-release of this “pure DIY slice of reliably nutso madness with a surprisingly robust selection of Extras” (Mondo Digitalexclusively at our webstore on 5/15. VHS-sourced monster farting has never felt so good!

From the deepest, darkest depths of the shot-on-video vaults… Hidden from view for 30 years… All your favorite movie monsters are back… And they’re ready to party like it’s 1990! Franky, Drak, Wolfy, Mummy and Humper – the horny hunchback – descend on the tiny mining town of French Gulch in search of lost gold, but it’s Halloween Night, and the monsters soon find themselves caught up in the debaucherous festivities of the local townsfolk. Will Franky and His Pals find the gold? Will they learn the ways of love? Will Drak quench his thirst for human blood? Just how explosive is Franky’s flatulence? What’s that Mad Scientist tinkering on out in his barn? What the hell is a pee-pee? And does any of it really matter? Directed by veteran grindhouse and adult film producer Gerald Cormier (TERROR CIRCUS a.k.a. BARN OF THE NAKED DEAD, 101 ACTS OF LOVE) and seldom-seen beyond the shelves of small-town video shops, this bizarro monster-comedy is finally being resurrected on DVD and is positively exploding with spooky Special Features!