The Church [Blu-ray]

The Church [Blu-ray]
The Church [Blu-ray]
The Church [Blu-ray]
The Church [Blu-ray]
The Church [Blu-ray]
The Church [Blu-ray]
The Church [Blu-ray]
The Church [Blu-ray]

The Church [Blu-ray]

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THE CHURCH is very much its own beast.
There’s still nothing quite like it.”


For his second feature film – and first full collaboration with co-writer/producer/mentor Dario Argento – writer/director Michele Soavi unleashes a “mind-blowing” (Bloody Disgusting), “breathtaking” (Slant) “masterwork” (DVD Drive-In): In a gothic cathedral built on the mass grave of a Teutonic purge, an ancient discovery by the new librarian will release an unholy maelstrom of madness, violence and demonic vengeance. Tomas Arana (THE SECT), Feodor Chaliapin (INFERNO), Hugh Quarshie (NIGHTBREED), Barbara Cupisti (CEMETERY MAN) and Asia Argento co-star in this Italian horror milestone co-written Franco Ferrini (PHENOMENA), with a Soavi-approved 4K scan from the Rome vault negative and over 3 hours of Special Features – including new interviews with Soavi and Dario Argento.

Special Features:

Disc 1: Blu-ray (Feature + Special Features)

  • The Mystery Of The Cathedrals – Interview With Director Michele Soavi

  • Alchemical Possession – Interview With Co-Screenwriter/Producer Dario Argento
  • The Eleventh Commandment – Interview With Co-Screenwriter Franco Ferrini
  • The Ghostwriter – Interview With Co-Screenwriter Dardano Sacchetti
  • Lotte – Interview With Actress Asia Argento
  • Here Comes The Bride – Interview With Actress Antonella Vitale
  • A Demon Named Evan – Interview With Actor Tomas Arana
  • Father Giovanni – Interview With Actor Giovanni Lombardo Radice
  • Monsters And Demons – Interview With Special FX Artist Sergio Stivaletti
  • Holy Ground – Interview With Make-Up Artist Franco Casagni
  • Building The Church – Interview With Set Designer Antonello Geleng
  • The Right-Hand Man – Interview With Assistant Director Claudio Lattanzi
  • Return To The Land Of The Demons – Interview With Alan Jones, Author Of Profondo Argento
  • Trailer

Wrap Artwork by Eric Lee

        Disc Specs:

        • Aspect ratio: 1.85:1
        • Audio: English 5.1, English Stereo, Italian Stereo
        • Closed Captions, English Subtitles
        • Blu-ray: Region A
        • Run time: 102 mins
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